In a world of disruptions, some will be storytellers, and some will be storymakers. It is the storymakers that will be the heroes of the future.


The BLACK SWAN THEATRE is built upon a balanced adaptation of both scientific and philosophical approaches to sustainability and resilience.

We believe that “survival of the fittest” doesn’t necessarily mean being the fastest or the strongest, but rather being fit, agile and adjusted to your specific environment and time. This is as true for the individual as it is for business.

At the heart of BLACK SWAN THEATRE is a desire to support sustainable and resilience-building change – both in business and society – so we can plan for our preferred future.

From advisory and incubation to a think-do-rethink tank, we have designed our offering to help organizations, entrepreneurs and communities meet each other in a way that delivers the most impact, growth, and prosperity.


We offer strategic support with a focus on illustrating areas where technology, policy and societal partnerships will be necessary in order to respond to constant changes in the marketplace. To put it simply, we help organisations to mitigate economic and societal consequences, capture IP’s and new markets, design new products and services and by doing so, bring strength, growth and resilience to their business.

We bring the right people together to ideate, establish and execute projects that make a difference in the life of your customers, while building resilient, sustainable and improved brand perception, growth and profitability.

We provide strategic direction, identify gaps in your current strategic approach and help you focus on the realities, and thereby potentials, of tomorrow. Our recommendations are informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and scientific advances in the fields of economic development and sustainability.

We shine a spotlight on your ability to THINK, and more importantly ACT differently to other players in your industry with targeted events and experiences designed to make a global impact.

We build structures for commercial monetization and identify potential partnerships and unrealized opportunities.

We approach every topic from three angles:


How will your government adapt to meet tomorrow’s challenges? What should you be discussing right now?


How will the 4th Industrial Revolution affect your nation/city/business or education system?


What implications do the coming changes have on our way of life? Our economy, our social structures? And how can we prepare?



MINDHIVE is a concept  that brings thought-leaders and experts from various disciplines together to ask pertinent questions, ideate and shine a spotlight on the ability of primary level Policy, Society and Technology to THINK and more importantly ACT differently in response to major challenges.

By tackling one specific topic at a time and looking at it from a 360-degree perspective, a MINDHIVE will result in increased awareness of strategic opportunities and help decision-makers understand the gaps between current and desired paradigms.

MIND HIVES can be performed for design interventions, ideation and rapid prototyping, strategy and business development, products and services, paradigm design, alongside discussion panels and keynote events.

MIND HIVES can be executed as a one-off exercise (step one only), or as three-month, three-step engagement, based on your needs.

Our process is split into three distinct steps:


We engage with organisations decision/policy makers to better understand the current paradigm and challenges.

We use our network to explore and map potential futures where we bring together facts, ideas and viewpoints that will challenge the current paradigm.


We bring action and impact to thought. Supporting the outcome from Step I, we help organizations realize the changes needed to implement the vision. We design internal and external collaboration efforts needed for services and products that will drive the biggest possible market growth while defending the core company earning models.


We design a series of experimentations that enable the organizations to “expand the reach” of their core earning model. We design and define new revenue streams, products and services to maximize profit. We help our clients help their clients by introducing new spin-off business ideas, companies, additional earning models and brand strengthening projects.


Our FOOD FOR THOUGHT platform is primarily aimed at executive level management. Using the Chatham House Rules, we take your executives to a high-end, discrete and creative location and present them with topic-specific panel debates and keynotes, with one-to-one conversations with our experts and speakers around your specific business challenges over dinner. Our global selection of keynote speakers and subject-matter experts represent the brightest minds of today and span every conceivable topic and industry.


We firmly believe it is time to go back to the established benefits of investing in the local communities and villages that make-up our cities and suburbs.

While most research and development exercises are performed in corporate basements, or remote single buildings, we have developed a new model of ideation for impact. We call it “Innovation without Borders”. We help companies design and run real-life experiments by partnering with local companies, entrepreneurs and policy makers to create a real-time feedback loop for product and service development. This has the effect of mitigating both risk and budget expenditure while securing scalability, growth and profit.



BLACK SWAN THEATRE offers 3-month MIND HIVES for start-ups, as part of our incubation program.


MIND HIVES offer start-ups the opportunity to clearly define their vision and explore collaboration opportunities and future structures to facilitate acceleration.


  • Three months of support with vision and product packaging to better engage decision-makers in the targeted companies. We work together with the start-up to construct the message in a simple (non-tech) manner, so it can be easily understood by potential investors or partners. We can also help you to structure the value that your start-up can create for the target company brand, including financial opportunities.
  • Communication and branding support (look, feel, tone of voice etc.).
  • Support with creation of your brand strategy and policies.
  • Ideation around potential pivot opportunities for targeted companies (as well as new potential markets).


Most start-ups are locked in a tech paradigm and lack the corporate understanding required to access targeted companies. We help navigate these challenges by shortcutting the start-up learning curve and showing you how to take your offer to investors and partners.


  • Access to vital knowledge, ideas and guidance critical to your success.
  • A strategy package that will create a path to acceleration.
  • Client/Investor meeting support/attendance if desired.


We’re a group of senior forward thinkers, academics, athletes, strategists, futurologists, artists, writers, ecologists and business designers from across the globe. Our vision is to create a true and lasting impact on our way of life by harnessing the agents of change for the common good. We do so by asking questions that challenge the impending changes we face and provide direction toward preferred futures, across policy, business and society.


Åsa Lind Chong
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Eco Strategy , & Policy Innovation


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Behavioural Strategist


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CEO, Choice Architect

Bowman Heiden

In- house Applied Creativity
Co-Director at Center for Intellectual Property


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Sustainability & Material Science


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Senior Vice President, Brand Communication and Marketing
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Mariela Dabbah

Award-Winning Author & Global Speaker
CEO, Founder of Red Shoe Movement


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Director at Berättarministeriet Göteborg



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