Intro ▸

We are a global team of interdisciplinary thought leaders with a network of senior advisors. BLACK SWAN THEATRE combines theory, methodology and execution strategies to create a clear image of complex systems and will help you get a better idea of what’s next for your industry.

We are driven by a deep respect for entrepreneurial creativity and the invention process. We love to chase the spark of new ideas! We offer strategic advice that can unleash untapped potential in your business and uncover new growth opportunities. We also design, implement and scale additional business models that will help tackle long-term, systemic, and systematic impacts you are may be facing.

What can we do for you ▸

We believe business is human – that any vision of future growth needs to include the people that make it happen.

This is how it works:

We will identify unknowns and define the questions around which leaders can formulate a desired vision of the future.

To make it happen, we will design a set of structural experiments in various domains to better map ideas, relationships, and constraints to best tackle the upcoming challenges.

Then we will develop strategies and collaboration models to realize this future and implement the necessary tools and processes to deliver on the desired vision.

Services ▸

We offer a wide range of services across all sectors.

- Systematic studies and benchmarking

- Crisis management strategies

- Communication and PR

- Social impact and sustainability

- Policy frameworks and business transformation

- Skunkworks and concept development

- Moonshots and experimentation frameworks

- Technology assessment and development


MINDHIVE is a concept-stage that brings thought-leaders and experts from various disciplines together to ask pertinent questions, ideate and shine a spotlight on the ability of primary level Policy, Society and Technology to THINK and more importantly ACT differently in response to major challenges.

By tackling one specific topic at a time and looking at it from a 360-degree perspective, a MINDHIVE will result in increased awareness of strategic opportunities and will help decision-makers understand the gaps between current and desired paradigms.

MINDHIVES can be performed for design interventions, ideation and rapid prototyping, strategy and business development, products and services, paradigm design, alongside discussion panels and keynote events.


TEMPUS.MOTU is an independent and non-partisan think tank offering services to governments, corporations and NGOs around the globe. We exist to bring you the future you seek by employing proprietary models of discovery, experimentation, collaboration and structure. Everything we do is grounded in sustainable thinking and impact – from strategic ideation to product development and beyond. info @