Intro ▸

BLACK SWAN THEATRE is a global community of thought leaders, story makers, policy makers, artists, writers and technologists who lead by example and are determined to realise the change they seek.


Identify unknowns in domains critical to the stability and development of humankind’s current societal structures.

Define the questions around which leaders and politicians can design a desired vision of the future

Inspire the creation of strategies to realise that vision

Offer our platform to design a set of experiments and scenarios in various domains to better prepare local, national, and global leadership to tackle the upcoming challenges

Our shows ▸

In order to drive impact, one must first identify the required and desired changes that will enable it. BLACK SWAN THEATRE does this in a number of ways. Our aim is to examine topics from a 360° perspective in an open and engaging manner. As the name suggests, BLACK SWAN THEATRE does this through shows, events and a range of business services.


Food for though is an online, live TV-styled show that brings together a team of 5 thought leaders, a host, a high-end chef and a musical act, in convivial surroundings with a menu designed around the topics of the discussion that takes place during the show.

The goal of the show is to enlighten, entertain and create a clear pathway to a desired future, based on the challenges which await us tomorrow.


MINDHIVE is a methodology that brings together thought-leaders and experts from various disciplines to ask pertinent questions in response to major challenges.

A MINDHIVE will help you ideate, THINK, and more importantly ACT differently by providing you with the insights and intelligence you need to move forward.

Discussions are based around the latest trends, utilise the latest tools and are approached from a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal perspective.

Cross-pollination and ideation between topic experts makes MINDHIVE  the perfect tool to help policymakers, society leaders and technology developers to THINK-DO-RETHINK the impact of their actions on the creation of a better tomorrow.


TEMPUS.MOTU GROUP is an independent and non-partisan think tank offering services to governments, cities and corporations around the globe. We exist to bring you the future you seek by employing proprietary models of discovery, experimentation, collaboration and structure. Everything we do is grounded in sustainable thinking and impact – from strategic ideation to product development and beyond. info @