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Driven by a passion for Story-Making, Education, Innovation and Creativity, we aim to find both old and new ways to create meaningful impact in our world.

Your organization deserves more than the approach of one-size-fits-all solution. Our keynotes and workshops services are focused on creating and building organizations that can make their own stories.

Stimulate your brain with relevant practices around a variety of topics and trends through tailored sessions. Together, we will explore a sea of knowledge, insights, and trends that will shape our tomorrow.

We believe if you are going to do something that has a big impact, you need to think differently. To bring your vision to life, you will need to re-imagine your world and apply the right type of thinking, technologies, art, and people.


Our projects

Our projects are exactly that, our projects. They are a collection of interests and hobbies that we never had the chance to pursue in a “normal job” —they are the foundation for what Black Swan Theatre is all about.
Passionate about art, music, culture, cuisine, wellbeing, nature, creativity, and innovation, our goal is to share our experiences and learning with the world, and in doing so, play a role in designing and building a more sustainable, equitable future.

Made by Passion


Black Swans come in all shape and sizes. They are all around us, yet we often tend to ignore their potential impact on our way of life. From Indigenes and local knowledge to unique individuals, the Black Swan Stories project aims to showcase their talent and give them a stage to inspire us, show us what is possible, and awaken us to their realty.



The Rising Strings Academy is an online music education platform, designed to provide students from all around the world with access to music education and development. Our allow you to access structure, experience, and information from our educators in a simple, contextual way, securing a fulfilment of your personal goals in your musical needs.



Black Swan Stories

Rising Strings Academy

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