We're Black Swan Theatre

We are a small, passionate team dedicated to bringing people and ideas together in order to reveal and unlock potentials.

We believe if you are going to do something that has a big impact, you need to think differently. Over the years, we've partnered with clients to better understand the world they operate in. We've delivered hundreds of hours of keynotes and masterclasses, designed strategies, wrote stories, preformed and brought value to all around the world.

We work hard to accelerate and facilitate the implementation of change and transformation, and we strive to create a lasting impact on our way of life.


Why Theatre?

Theatre has always been a platform where people can learn, experiment and have fun. It uses art and music to convey a message, build empathy, drive curiosity, and ignite the imagination. These are the fundamental building blocks of any societal change and development.

The Black Swan Theatre was founded with the vision of showing that ordinary people are the ones who can make a difference. Both within themselves and their sphere of influence in their organizations – but also on a national and global level. There are many challenges in our world. The 17 sustainability development goals created by the United Nations are a good start. While we agree with each one of them, we are here to focus on the one that the United Nations forgot—human change, as it's only through human change that we can make anything possible.

We use the Black Swan Theatre stage to reveal the potential that people, communities, and organizations have to adapt, change, and overcome, challenges. We leverage our expertise to assist and guide individuals, companies, governments, and movements with a fresh injection of ideas and understanding, preparing them for the future.

Our Values


We believe that everything we do should be simple, useful, and have an impact on our world.

No Bullsh%t

We always aim to deliver what is needed, not always what is asked for. What we recommend is what we believe to be the best.

Honesty and transparency

We believe that the best work happens when everyone can speak their mind at any time. We value all opinions and don't hesitate to share ours.


We take great pride in what we do. We want to be able to look back and say that we left the world a better place for our children. Everything we do and every project we take on must be driven by positive impact.


On a Personal Note

Einstein said, doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.' When one is looking for impact, one cannot try to fit an idea into the norms, but instead let it define the norms themselves.

We are different, and always have been. You can choose to go with something more familiar, more within your comfort zone (we can even give you references if you wish) and end up in the same place you are now sooner than later. Or, you can take a chance on us and bring about the change and impact you are looking for.

Few clients and partners we had the pleasure working with throughout the years.

MasterCard | Government of Moscow | FT | IFC | Master and Robots | ICAN | Government of Kazakhstan | Siemens | QRTECH | The World Bank | AIB | BoAML | Hyper Island | mobilityXlab | Volvo cars | Concawe | BIBA | Business Sweden | Hack for Sweden | CIP | EIG | ISF | International Business School | GEO Forum | EON | Jämtland Härjedalen Turism | Future Tense | Sofico | Telefónica | Tera Data | Oprah Magazine | Swedish Institute | CCI, EU, Brussels | Göteborg's University | Chalmers University | IDG | Innovatum | Municipality of Murcia | BCG | McKinsey | National Geographic | Wideoyster | MIUN Innovation | Ragunda Republic | Chapman Tripp | Adventure Travel and Trade Organization | Peak Region Science Park | Visit Sweden | Buustamon Mountain Lodge | Auckland University | Tallinn Forum | Swedish Department of Energy | Mid Sweden University | Hotell Åregården | Copper Hill Mountain Lodge



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