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Åsa Lindh

I am an innovator, barrister & solicitor, researcher and environmental scientist.

As a Nordic adventurer, I have lived and travelled all around the world. From a start as a singer, to studying law and arts, as well as doing some acting in Xena warrior princess and Hercules, including wielding swords and dancing on sand-dunes. It's the adventure of my life that now shapes my passion for research, environmental science and indigenous knowledge.

Driven by curiosity and the need to secure a future for our Earth, I have always sought out new things to learn, new volcanoes to live by and new horizons to explore.

I have worked in a variety of fields, including law, banking and finance, intellectual property, innovation, art, and philosophy. With my education and experience, I am able to help organisations, governments, companies and students understand the narratives in the areas of environmental law and governance, diffusion of innovation, environmentally driven innovation, climate change adaptation and mitigation, impact and action strategies.




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