We are entering a new era of work where flexibility, creativity and context are the keys to growth, resilience and strength.

We firmly believe it is time to go back to the established benefits of investing in the local communities and villages that make-up our cities.

Our everyday lives are changing, and so must our approach to business and work.

New business and governance models are emerging for those who dare to look at the road ahead, and the only constant is change itself.

We love to help our clients to become quicker to adjust to unpredicted events and to develop a keener sense of curiosity and innovation. 

We believe in driving growth and prosperity into local communities. We do this in a number of ways with one clear goal in mind – to inspire, innovate and inculcate a deep desire to keep moving forward and respond rapidly to changes as they arise. This is the definition of a resilient and sustainable business model.

Our services are designed to create a sense of common purpose, a team feeling, with clear indicators of coming trends that can affect your business. We do this by harnessing the power of the individual through our Getaway Spaces and Getaway Hubs.

All of our Creative Getaways are based upon a modular architecture and designed to help you orchestrate the right intervention for you.

“We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” — Marie Curie

Stay trendy at all times


Let’s do the obvious thing -the common thing- but let’s do it uncommonly well.

Your global office in your local neighborhood.

Our Getaway Spaces are designed to support global companies’ need to offer a creative working and meeting spaces for their employees while supporting the local economy.

Each of our Getaway Spaces are designed to be a natural part of the community in which they are located, with the theme and inspiration in each space reflecting this.

Our Getaway Spaces are designed to provide a modular architecture that offers adaptable workshop, or off-site meeting possibilities. Coupled with our pop-up Mind Hive methodology we can help you with ideation, rapid prototyping of products, services and strategy designed to strengthen your business.

Workshop mediation services are also available.

Food for Thought

Our Food for Thought service offers your executives and senior managers an opportunity to request topic-specific panel debates and keynotes (based on your needs) and have one-to-one conversations with our experts to get real-time input to your specific business challenges. Learn more.

Make supporting your local community a part of your Corporate Social Responsibility commitment. Your workforce will thank you.


As a member, you can access our creative getaway workspaces, present your work to the world and meet your future clients and collaborators. 

Free wi-fi, good coffee, tea and locally sourced food, eclectic surroundings and a sense of purpose, will help you to open new doors, meet new people and build a vibrant network.

Creator Space

As a firm believer in supporting local creative talent, BLACK SWAN THEATRE is dedicated to providing local talent with the potential to showcase their work in our Creative Getaway spaces.

We are proud to open our facilities to local creatives and entrepreneurs. Our idea is to build an open network of writers, artists, form-givers and makers that can collaborate, ideate and change our world. 

Whether you are an artist, a musician, a writer, sculptor, potter or blacksmith we can offer you a unique opportunity to reach your local audience and our Creative Getaway clients with your products by providing an art wall, where you can sell your creations.