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A violinist and a futurologist walk into a bar…


We are Kalina (violinist) and Aric (futurologist) and we have been in a together since February 15, 2008. We have a good life, and, like all other lives, there are ups and downs. At the end of the day, It is our relationships that define who we are when faced with a challenge.

Our relationships are based on the idea of experiences, and as parents of four children, we always tried to focus on experiences we can give them rather than materialism. It is by no means an easy task, but we always do our best.

Since the day we met, our lifelong dream has been to be able to work together. Yes, we understand that this might sound crazy or too much for some, but it's something we deeply desire. We always wanted to open a coffee/bar/club, and we had a few crazy ideas about it. Yet, between our four kids and us running around, buying a house, working in a “normal” job, that dream seems to always be one step a head of us. Our original plan was to move to Bulgaria (Kalina is from there) buy an old property and settle down, but then, the pandemic came along and then the war and inflation. Eventually, we realized that we cannot allow the environment to define us, but rather we must define it.

What if we take our crazy ideas on the road? We asked ourselves. What if we create a travelling working space instead of renting or buying a place?

Simply pack our bags and explore the world around us? No, we don't just want to explore the world, but use our expertise as a musician and a futurologist to uncover hidden places, the Black Swans of art, innovation, cuisine, nature, creativity, and give them a stage.

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So, after spending years trying to fit into societal norms in corporate boxes, we finally (at the age of 50) decided to leave the world behind and forge our own path. A travelling theatre, dedicated to the bigger picture and the influences that shape our world, one that is focusing on the space between the start, rather than the stars themselves.

The Black Swan Theatre is about what draws our interest. Our obsession with finding what is unique and of value to experience. It is a journey into unknown territory, dedicated to finding, spreading, and encouraging the adoption of a better way of life and having fun all along.

On a side note: It's difficult to simply pack your bags and leave. How are we going to provide support for ourselves? It's one thing to follow a passion, but another to be able to make a living from it.

So, while we pack our life, buy a van, find places to visit, film, do interviews, and build content… We also use the Black Swan Theatre to offer creative advice, keynotes, music production services, music performances, and pick up hitch-hikers that can help us build a community that is driven by impact.



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