Black Swan Stories

Black Swans come in all shapes and sizes. They are all around us, yet we often tend to ignore their potential impact on our way of life.

From Indigenous and local knowledge to unique individuals, Black Swan Stories aims to showcase their talent and give them a stage to inspire us, show us what is possible, and awaken us to their realty.

The Intellectual Rage

The Intellectual Rage. The underground, unfiltered guide to corporate innovation & bullshit. A.K.A. Navigating the psychology of innovation in a world of sociopaths, psychopaths and other monsters.

This is not a long book, it's also not a short one. Come to think about it, this is not a book at all, but rather a (mis)guided journey.

New Earth Kingdom

A children's story about a journey that could define the relationships between humans and artificial intelligence.


DALL·E 2023-02-08 11.38.14 - a new earth kingdom with 2 suns digital style


Black Swan Stories

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