At the heart of BLACK SWAN THEATRE is a desire to support sustainable and resilience-building change – both in business and society – so we can plan for our preferred future. This is why we started THE AGENCY.

We understand that in order to grow, change is required from a consumer, societal, policymaker and business perspective. This understanding is absent in most business plans and brand growth strategies. Unless we grow and adapt, we will never be the instruments of the change we wish to see. 

But business alone cannot change humanity. THE AGENCY was formed to track, understand and react to the enormous changes that humanity needs to face and find ways to create new opportunities for your business.

Our goal is to help brands reimagine their commitment to sustainable practice in a way which helps to build resilience and encourage change on a societal level. 

Brands are no longer judged solely by the sheer extent and presence of their offer, but by the softer values they represent that demonstrate a desire for the common good.

We can help you to strengthen your brand perception and caring credentials, not just as a forward-thinking and environmentally aware business, but as a significant player in the process of change, helping to strengthen the global community and your part in it.

If the communities in which you operate are strong, so are you. Sustainability is not just about environment – it’s about building resilience and encouraging change and participation in defining the future we want.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

Do the right things at the right moment


Don’t try to fit. Stand out and lead the way

Your direction today will determine your location tomorrow. By understanding your current ecosystem and the impact of emerging trends, technologies and societal shifts, we can help you to navigate a clear path to your desired and potential future.

Whether this entails strengthening your current offer, developing new stand-alone business models or finding partnerships that can help you grow, we can help you find the direction and clarity of purpose to succeed.

Brand Sustainability, Relevance and Compliance

We offer strategic business reviews with a focus on the realities and potentials of tomorrow. Our recommendations are informed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and scientific advances in the field of sustainability and economic development. We also help companies to understand the implications of the latest scientific technical summaries from the UN and IPCC, so your brand stays relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Perspective PR

We can help you shine a spotlight on your ability to THINK, and more importantly ACT differently to other players in your industry with targeted events and experiences that will make a global impact.

Impact Models

Experimentation is the best way to find the right path forward. We can help you ideate, establish and execute community impact projects that make a difference in the lives of your customers, while building resilient, sustainable and improved brand perception.

Through experimentation we can help you define models to scale-up new and profitable business ideas that can create a positive economic and social local impact, while also improving brand perception.

The Situation Room

Do you have a tough challenge to solve? Our expert Situation Room advisory board can be activated to help you scale your impact models into engagement projects that will make a difference.

We use a unique approach to problem-solving and creativity with our Mind Hive and Think-Do-Rethink Tank concepts, bringing the best and brightest minds together to forge a path forward.

We don’t just do research and write reports. We are creating a new thinking culture that will help our clients and partners systemize ideation and monetize creativity. We provide the foundation for significant and sustainable new business for our clients.

We design and implant a conversation-driven environment tailored to simulate and exercise areas where technology, policy, and societal partnerships will be necessary to respond to emerging (and current) economic and societal consequences, and identify new economic, societal, and earning models.

Step I: Vision

We engage with decision/policy makers to better understand the current paradigm and challenges. We use our network to explore and map potential futures where we bring together facts, ideas and viewpoints that will challenge the current paradigm.

We introduce a new way of thinking with our Future Panel/Interactive Keynotes and involve the communities where you generate your revenues.

Step II: Collaboration

Our Think-Do-Rethink Tank approach brings action and impact to thought. Supporting the outcome from Step I, we help your organization realize the changes needed to implement the vision.

From soft prototype design to new organizational structures and programs, we work together with our clients and their consumer base on policy design, strategic ideation, partnership programs and more.

Step III:  Structure, Context

We help our clients to help their clients by introducing new spin-off business ideas, new companies and additional earning models and brand strengthening projects that will help to move your brand and business in the desired direction.