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The Intellectual Rage. The underground, unfiltered guide to corporate innovation & bullshit. A.K.A. Navigating the psychology of innovation in a world of sociopaths, psychopaths and other monsters.

I wrote this book for myself. It was something I wanted to do for some time,
yet couldn’t find the words I was looking for until now. For years, the reason for wanting to write something was driven by anger. It wasn’t until I felt happy to sit and write what I have learned that I was able to do so.

D.B. Solomon


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About the book

“Innovation is not about the moment but what the moment can and should be.”

Over the years, I have heard many definitions of what innovation is. It's a process, it's a culture, it's a department, it's a bird, it's a train, it's a man, it's super- fucking-man.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books and articles written about innovation every year. They all use big words to try to sell you on the author's way of thinking about innovation. And as we live in a world where we are too fucking lazy to look at the data and rather listen to other people's options, these opinions are what dictate how we look at innovation.

Have you ever asked yourself, why do you need a 17-inch screen on a fridge? Are you going to stand naked in front of it, watching porn, masturbating? Are you going to read your emails on it? Catch up with the latest Netflix stupidity? Does Tesla really need a 17-inch screen as well (the porn in that case makes sense with the available reclining seats). Do you need an Apple smartwatch that is simply a copy of the screen you already have in your pocket? Why the hell do street garbage cans need a screen on them? Just open your eyes and look around you. We are surrounded by technology that was developed for the sake of technology, rather than to really solve a problem.

This book explores the question of why innovation often fails and attempts to provide a blueprint for how to make it work.

About the D.B. Solomon

D.B Solomon is a pseudonym for Aric Dromi.

Aric Dromi is a highly respected keynote speaker, futurologist, and innovation strategist. Aric spent years helping executives and decision makers to refine their offer and understand the potential impacts that lie along the road ahead.

With a long career in choice architecture and systems design, innovation and futurology, Aric believes that our world is on the cusp of seismic changes that society, business, and policymakers are not prepared for. He believes strongly in humanity’s ability to adapt and overcome, and thinks that technology has come to define, rather than serve, us. He wants to change this equation, by working towards a more resilient societal model that enables a free market and a future for our children.

His focus areas include: Automation and fast tracking, privacy, integrity, surveillance and legislation, social trends and economic models, Transformation, smarter innovation and monetization structures, mobility, logistics, energy, communication and smarted data, the reciprocal relationships between policy, society and technology, the future of cities and urban structures, the next frontier of intelligence amplification in the era of VR, AR and AI



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