For many, disruption and change is a threat. We see it as an opportunity to understand, transform and overcome. THE SYNDICATE platform is designed to forge a new path forward for your business with the help of some of the brightest minds of today, across a wide range of disciplines.

We firmly believe it is time to go back to the established benefits of investing in the local communities and villages that make-up our cities and suburbs. 

While most incubators exist in corporate basements, or remote single buildings, we have developed a new model of ideation for impact. We call it “Innovation without Boarders”. By partnering up with both international corporations, local companies and real-estate developers, we can fragment and spread out our entrepreneurs into the communities that we aim to impact. By doing so we are able to directly engage with real people and create a unique feedback loop, reinforce the relationship we have in developing their communities, and drive growth and prosperity.

We work with our clients to reduce response time in the face of unpredicted events, and to develop a keener sense of curiosity and innovation. We do this by bringing together entrepreneurs, traditional corporations, policymakers and academia in an environment that is both unique and real, where we create a stage to identify frictions, inspire, innovate and evolve together to build a better tomorrow.

THE SYNDICATE is designed to create a sense of common purpose, a team feeling, with clear indicators of coming trends that can affect both communities and the businesses that support them. 

THE SYNDICATE is a joint venture between BLACK SWAN THEATRE and Smarter Industry Sweden.

“We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” — Marie Curie

Stay trendy at all times


Let’s do the obvious thing -the common thing- but let’s do it uncommonly well.

Harness the power of the individual through THE SYNDICATE Getaway Spaces and Getaway Hubs.

As our society evolves, so too must our ways of working, meeting and traveling. The companies that take steps to adapt now will benefit enormously from their ability to lead the process of change. And change, as with all journeys, begins with one step, one project, one vision.

Your global office in your local neighborhood.

Our GETAWAY SPACES are designed to support global companies’ needs to offer creative working and meeting spaces for their employees while supporting the local economy.

Each of our spaces are intended to be a natural part of the community in which they are located, with the theme and inspiration in each space reflecting this.

Our GETAWAY SPACES provide a modular architecture that offers adaptable workshop, or off-site meeting possibilities.

Coupled with our pop-up MIND-HIVE methodology, we can help you with ideation, rapid prototyping of products, services and strategy designed to strengthen your business.


As part of our incubation program, you can access our Creative Getaway workspaces, present your work to the world and meet your future clients and collaborators. 

Being located in a real-life innovative environment, with access to our partner network and in-house agency services, you will have the opportunity to iterate, experiment, foster ideas, open new doors and discover new potentials.

Free wi-fi, good coffee, tea, and locally sourced food, eclectic surroundings and a sense of purpose, when coupled with our belief in supporting creativity and providing local talent with the potential to showcase their work in our location, leads to a veritable explosion of innovative thinking and spin-offs.


We believe in driving growth and prosperity into the local economy. We do this in a number of ways with one clear goal in mind – to inspire, innovate and inculcate a deep desire to keep moving forward and respond rapidly to changes as they arise. This is the definition of a resilient and sustainable business model.

Our GETAWAY MIND-HIVE is designed to support you to better ask the questions that can define your vision. Coupled with our Think-Do-Rethink Tank approach, we engage with you to understand your challenges and current paradigm. We follow with a collaboration draft that helps you to define the relationships and impact that will maximize growth and value creation.

MIND-HIVE activity can be applied, but is not limited to, design interventions, ideation and rapid prototype development around both strategy and business development, products and services, paradigm design, discussion panels and keynote events.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT combines the style and substance of an elite club with the impact of a veritable sledgehammer.

We have access to some of the brightest minds of today across a wide variety of topics.

Give us your greatest challenges and we will, with topic-relevant keynotes, panel debates, one-to-ones and over-dinner conversation, create a culinary event designed around your challenge with the best minds to discuss, create and deliberate with your top executives until we find the opportunities and direction you need. 

We focus on quality and experience in everything we do. The best (and topic relevant) ingredients, the coolest locations, the best staff and, of course, the best outcomes.

Talk to us about your current challenges and let’s create a menu that will inspire, create desire and light a fire to guide you towards your preferred future.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT is primarily aimed at executive level management.